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Philemon philemon at drtvnet.cg
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[sorry for duppication]

Dear All

As we all might be aware, I am one of candidates at the position of ALAC
member on behalf of AFRALO for the next period.

My candidature was a little compromised by the fact that my organization
(ISOC-CG) is not yet an AL. 

I would just let you know that I have joined an AL (ACOULL) with which,
besides, I have been working closer since 2005.



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Dear Nick

Isoc Congo (Brazza) is not an ALS as you can see on the list below:



Do not mix ISOC Congo (DRC) also called Congo (Kinshasa) which is member


Didier Kasole


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Dear Hawa:


The AFRALO MoU provides as follows in 3.5(A):


"Subject to the ICANN Bylaws' provisions relating to the structure and
makeup of the At Large Advisory Committee, the seat or seats designated for
African representatives shall be selected by the African RALO. Those
selected may not be based in, or be citizens of, the same country, and they
must be members of different At-Large Structures."


Philemon's biographical information does indicate that he is the Chair of
ISOC Congo amongst other organisational affiliations.


On 27/09/2008 22:00, "Hawa Diakite" <hawadiakite at gmail.com> wrote:


Dear Staff,

please can you clarify if un non ALS must be electete as ALAC delagate, as
the ROP

I think Mr Philemon is not an ALS,


best regards








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