[AFRI-Discuss] [NA-Discuss] Signing Ceremony - European and African MoUs at Lisbon

Erick Iriarte Ahon eiriarte at alfa-redi.org
Mon Mar 26 11:27:49 EDT 2007

Hi friends..

Well congratulations, we will waiting for North America RALO and we 
will complete the first phase of our job: have a RALO in each region.

I can't be with you in the party to celebrate the MoU but i hope to 
see the signing ceremony by webcast.

Again, congratulations.

Erick Iriarte Ahon

At 05:43 a.m. 26/03/2007, Nick Ashton-Hart wrote:
>Dear European and African ALS representatives:
>The signing ceremony for the two regions, as well as a recognition 
>of the conclusion of the Asia Pacific region's MoU, will be held at 
>approximately 1230 on Thursday as part of the main Public Forum of 
>the ICANN Lisbon meeting.
>More details will be posted on the regional Wikis and also on the 
>main ICANN meeting website at 
>Suffice to say that the signing will include a formal ceremony, 
>webcast and scribed live, interpreted into French, Arabic, Spanish 
>and Portuguese, which will be also be recorded and available afterwards.
>The ALS representatives who are signing the MoU will be invited 
>onstage to sign, their name and ALS name announced, shake hands with 
>Paul and Vint, and photos made available afterwards of each ALS rep 
>as well as the regional group.
>Those ALS representatives not present to sign in Lisbon will be 
>provided a mechanism to adhere to the MoU without a physical 
>signature. African representatives are electing their regional officers
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