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Dear Vittorio,
As much as we appreciate your keen intent to dispel any misrepresentation on our part, we still persit in saying that the overall tone and line of argumentation/presentation of your message was, to say the least, 'politically' charged as you never took the time to present, albeit briefly, what the other side's view of the dispute is. The impression that the reader is left with is that: a) the Western Sahara was 'militarily occupied' by Morocco, and as a consequence, b) there is a marginalised group of people whose interests, as far as the use of internet is concerned, need to be loked after. Clearly, this is not what one may call an unbiased view of the issue. Otherwise, why should it be raised in such terms ? 
One thing that we would like to stress at this point is that we are all striving after the same goal; namely to ensure that ALL end-users are treated on EQUAL FOOTING and that no one is being left out.

Vittorio Bertola <vb at bertola.eu> a écrit :  hilali Aziz ha scritto:
> *Dear all,*
> ***We received a forwarded message written by Vittorio Bertola and 
> forwarded by Nick Ashton Hart on 09- 02 – 2007, in which we learn that 
> the author of this mail would like to see us give our support to a 
> recently formulated application to attribute the **.eh ccTLD** to 
> Western Sahara. *

Actually, I was not asking for "support". What I would like is the 
application to be evaluated as far as possible on a non-political basis. 
ICANN has always adopted the approach that if a geographical entity is 
in the ISO 3166-1 list, then it deserves a ccTLD as long as someone is 
willing to run it; this does not imply any statement on whether that 
entity is or is not a country, or about the legitimacy of its political 

To explain, my summarization of the political issue comes from the 
online neutral source for excellence, Wikipedia, and other websites. For 

> *To claim that the Western Sahara is one of the last colonies in the 
> world, just like the Cayman islands, is an utter fallacy; 

I took this from an United Nations document reported here:

However, the point here is not to debate on whether Morocco's or 
Polisario's claims are legitimate, and I am sure that, as I noted, there 
are different interpretations of the matter. I just wanted to provide a 
quick recap for readers, without making a political statement.

I am happy to hear from the Moroccan side of the dispute, of course, and 
I would also be happy to hear from the Polisario side; the "local 
Internet community" includes both. But I would avoid to get us involved 
into the political dispute in itself.
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