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Mohammed EL Bashir admin at isoc.sd
Wed Mar 7 07:41:52 EST 2007

Dear Vittorio

i guess the issue of .eh is highly effected by the political status of 
Western Sahara itself, i think we should not assume that
it's ICANN duty  to operate an xy ccTLD code because it's listed in ISO 
3166 list and there is a sponsoring organization
willing to operate it.

i guess ICANN should not decide on a ccTLD delegation as long it's a 
disputed territory/region without the consensus of
all parties involved, it will be hard to provide a neutral judgment, as 
the status of the disputed territory is not resolved yet .

Best Regards,
Mohamed EL Bashir

Aziz Hilali wrote:
> Dear Vittorio,
> As much as we appreciate your keen intent to dispel any 
> misrepresentation on our part, we still persit in saying that the 
> overall tone and line of argumentation/presentation of your message 
> was, to say the least, 'politically' charged *as you never took the 
> time to present, albeit briefly, what the other side's view of the 
> dispute is.* The impression that the reader is left with is that: a) 
> the Western Sahara was 'militarily occupied' by Morocco, and as a 
> consequence, b) there is a marginalised group of people whose 
> interests, as far as the use of internet is concerned, need to be 
> loked after. Clearly, this is not what one may call an unbiased view 
> of the issue. Otherwise, why should it be raised in such terms ?
> One thing that we would like to stress at this point is that we are 
> all striving after the same goal; namely to ensure that ALL end-users 
> are treated on EQUAL FOOTING and that no one is being left out.
> */Vittorio Bertola <vb at bertola.eu>/* a écrit :
>     hilali Aziz ha scritto:
>     > *Dear all,*
>     >
>     > ***We received a forwarded message written by Vittorio Bertola and
>     > forwarded by Nick Ashton Hart on 09- 02 -- 2007, in which we
>     learn that
>     > the author of this mail would like to see us give our support to a
>     > recently formulated application to attribute the **.eh ccTLD** to
>     > Western Sahara. *
>     Actually, I was not asking for "support". What I would like is the
>     application to be evaluated as far as possible on a non-political
>     basis.
>     ICANN has always adopted the approach that if a geographical
>     entity is
>     in the ISO 3166-1 list, then it deserves a ccTLD as long as
>     someone is
>     willing to run it; this does not imply any statement on whether that
>     entity is or is not a country, or about the legitimacy of its
>     political
>     situation.
>     To explain, my summarization of the political issue comes from the
>     online neutral source for excellence, Wikipedia, and other
>     websites. For
>     example:
>     > *To claim that the Western Sahara is one of the last colonies in
>     the
>     > world, just like the Cayman islands, is an utter fallacy;
>     I took this from an United Nations document reported here:
>     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_list_of_Non-Self-Governing_Territories
>     However, the point here is not to debate on whether Morocco's or
>     Polisario's claims are legitimate, and I am sure that, as I noted,
>     there
>     are different interpretations of the matter. I just wanted to
>     provide a
>     quick recap for readers, without making a political statement.
>     I am happy to hear from the Moroccan side of the dispute, of
>     course, and
>     I would also be happy to hear from the Polisario side; the "local
>     Internet community" includes both. But I would avoid to get us
>     involved
>     into the political dispute in itself.
>     -- 
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