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Hi Glenn,

On 31/05/2017 01:24, Glenn McKnight wrote:
> Hi
> If you recall at the last  ARIN meeting we saw many of our  NARALO 
> members comment on the   ARIN Community Networks policy
> See policy document
> https://www.arin.net/policy/proposals/ARIN_prop_232_orig.html
> I spoke with ARIN staff about their programs on community networks 
>  today and they too are struggling with fee structure for AFRNIC 
> Membership from community networks.   Note they
- AFRINIC staff?
> fund  FIRE  which has funded community networks in Uganda and in South 
> Africa.
- FIRE (grants and award program) is also heavily funded by IDRC, ISOC 
and Google.
> Perhaps  we need to ask our community to request financial support for 
> ARIN for community networks as well.
> Comments?
- This is related to the question I asked during the open mic about 
whether ARIN is considering setting up a grants program (LACNIC, APNIC, 
AFRINIC have grant-making programs, RIPE NCC is in the process of 
setting one up). John Curran said that you may request funds from ARIN 
for projects (but that they hadn't funded anything for five years) and 
that there was no plan to set up a grants program unless it was 
something the members specifically requested that their money be used 
for. One member then stood up and said that he wouldn't want his money 
spent on community projects unless they benefitted the ARIN community 
directly. ARIN is set up as a trade association rather than a 
not-for-profit like (all?) of the other RIRs, which have to get rid of 
all their extra funds somehow.

That said, John did say to submit proposals for funding so what do we 
have to lose?


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