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Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Sun May 28 19:48:12 UTC 2017

The ICANN Bylaws and the ALAC RoP both say that 
this NomCom delegates are selected by the ALAC in consultation with the RALOs.

We have had a number of cases over the years 
where a RALO has submitted multiple names for the 
ALAC to choose, sometimes with a preference or 
background reason, and sometimes without. For the 
record, that included at least one occurrence 
from NARALO. The ALAC may choose the "less 
preferred candidate" if there is one, or can go 
outside the provided list and select someone else 
if the ALAC feels that this is warranted. This 
has happened. There is no doubt (in my mind) that 
if the ALAC chooses to do this, it will duly 
consider the implications (with respect to the RALO) of doing so.

In terms of timing, there is no great rush, as 
the names are not needed until the travel 
deadline for the November meeting, but the 
selection is typically done soon after the names 
are provided to the ALAC. This year, with the 
somewhat unusual situation of four names being 
provided by APRALO, without any real guidance to 
the ALAC, we will have to carefully consider how 
this should be done to ensure the ALAC makes a 
wise decision. So it may take a bit longer to decide how we do this.


At 28/05/2017 03:02 PM, Judith Hellerstein wrote:

>HI Evan,
>I also thought this was weird but Dev Anand said 
>this happened a couple of times in LACRALO. The 
>recommended candidate was not chosen and another 
>candidate was chosen.  Also for APRALO, they are 
>asking ALAC to make the selection from the 4 
>referred candidates. When a question was asked 
>as to why they were not having elections they 
>stated that APRALO can choose to send all its 
>candidates name to ALAC and for ALAC to make the 
>choice. NOMCOM uses different rules than what 
>we, in NARALO, currently use for elections and 
>so the election for NOMCOM was just a preference and not a choice.
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>On 5/28/2017 2:54 PM, Evan Leibovitch wrote:
>>On 28 May 2017 at 14:34, Glenn McKnight 
>><<mailto:mcknight.glenn at gmail.com>mcknight.glenn at gmail.com> wrote:
>>the  NOMCOM  goes through a secondary stage of 
>>assessment from ALAC.   Our  NARALO
>>​ ​
>>vote resulted in  the   NARALO 
>>majority  recommending Leah Symekher to the 
>>ALAC as the Delegate to the Nominating 
>>Committee for the period of one year beginning 
>>at the end of the ICANN60 Meeting in November 
>>2017.  Note that ALAC  looks at both candidates 
>>in coming up with their final decision .
>>​There needs to be a compelling reason for 
>>the ALAC to not endorse the elected 
>>recommendation from a region. Such a rejection 
>>is (and should be) rare, and I can't recall it ever happening.
>>Not absolutely sure when ALAC makes their 
>>decision.  I will ask Alan Greenberg for 
>>timelines.  I assume it's at the next ALAC meeting.
>>​Typically, the ALAC holds a single vote to 
>>endorse the recommended NomCom representatives 
>>from all regions at once. It is usually done at 
>>the first ALAC meeting held after all regional elections are done.​
>>​- Evan​
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