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Hi Folks

On January 13th we received a email from Ariel Lang that  NARALO needs  to
vote on the  replacement electorate  for Alan Greenberg option with our
 NARALO membership   prior to our  monthly NARALO  February 8th meeting

In summary from Ariel's email

*There is one urgent thing that NARALO needs to decide on – the replacement
electorate of Alan Greenberg in the Board Director selection final
election. In this final election, only the 15 ALAC Members and the 5 RALO
Chairs will participate in. Since Alan is a Candidate, he must not
participate in this election and must be replaced by someone else in
NARALO. This replacement must be approved by a vote of NARALO according to
its rules, and this vote can take place as soon as possible from now on.*


*We need to  nominate one or more replacement electorates (who are not
NARALO ALAC Members or the NARALO Chair) then we use BIG Pulse to have a
final vote.*

*In short, we need your  suggested nominees for the replacement voter. *

*Next Steps *

We propose a motion  with the names of the nominees and do a a  formal vote
by  BigPulse vote.

If you have any questions  please ask



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