[NA-Discuss] Reminder of the ALS Survey

Yubelkys Montalvo Yubelkys_Montalvo at inter.edu
Thu Apr 20 22:18:29 UTC 2017

Dear Glenn,

Thank you for your message. I tried, but I can’t edit the document. Please advise.

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Hi Folks
In the effort to help build an  expertise  database of our  NARALO membership   we have been inspired by the work by EURALO who  has led this effort to start building a similar pool of expertise in our community.  We have a report on the progress of the survey in May to the  ATLARGE LEADERSHIP community.

Since we sent out the survey we have 14 ALS  responses to date.  Noteworthy is Native Public Media and ISOC NY who had multiple names per survey categories.
We still are expecting more responses

Please complete the survey

Please review the 33 categories and add your  organization and name to your self assessment categories

Here is the  link to the survey




Glenn McKnight
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