[NA-Discuss] Without Further Adieu

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Fri Apr 10 04:40:41 UTC 2015

Hello fellow NARALOers,

As some of you may have seen by now from my social media messages and a
post in the ALAC Skype chat, I have taken on a major career change. I am
moving to Geneva and will be supervising a network of technology centres
around the world for the United Nations High Commission
for Refugees.

It's a fantastic opportunity that gives me the opportunity to help repair
lives and give new skills. It's also much further away from Internet
Governance than what I have been doing
​of late​
, and the nature of the work will make it increasing difficult for me to
attend to the normal duties of At-Large leadership.

As it turns out, the timing of this has worked well since Garth Bruen is
returning from his leave of absence this Monday. And because of the ARIN
meeting this weekend (which I am attending thanks to the CROPP program) I
may not even be able to
​fully ​
attend the entire NARALO call on Monday.

As a result, I am tendering my resignation as NARALO Secretariat, effective
immediately. With Garth back and Judith already in place as Interim
Secretariat while I have filled in for Garth, I know that things are being
left in good hands. I have already indicated to Constituency Travel that I
will not be attending the Buenos Aires meeting.


Now, as I move on I would like to address the selection of new leadership
positions for the North American Region that will be opening very shortly.
Specifically, I would like to recommend to the region some changes in
advance of the coming selection process. I am proposing -- with their
awareness and consent -- that:

   - Glenn leave his ALAC position and become a candidate for Chair of

   - Alan leave his Nominating Committee appointment on ALAC and be
   selected by NARALO to take over the remainder of Glenn's term on ALAC

My rationale for this unusual
​ ​
request is as follows. In what I have seen of Glenn's capabilities within
At-Large I believe that his talents -- which are extensive in the realms of
outreach, inclusivity, an increasing community involvement -- are best
focused by leading NARALO than from within ALAC. In the case of Alan, as
you know he is Chair of ALAC, and he is phenomenal at the task. However, it
is highly unlikely that the NomCom would choose him for a second straight
ALAC term
​; so ​
I am concerned ab
Alan's ability to be ALAC Chair for
​s, which is hindered​
by following the NomCom path.

The ALAC has benefited greatly from previous Chairs who have been able to
serve multiple terms and then also stay on long enough to mentor their
successor. I would like to give Alan the best possible opportunity to do

So it is the combination of these two points -- NARALO's need for Glenn,
and the ALAC's need for stability and continuity through Alan -- that has
led me to suggest the above two changes, in addition to the various
placements that need to be addressed in the coming weeks.

It is my understanding that both Glenn and Alan are comfortable with the
above proposal, and that Garth has indicated that he does not intend to
stand again for Chair. So I ask for your support of them in advancing these
changes, to supplement the regular leadership selection process that is to
come. When the appropriate time comes I will be happy to make the
appropriate formal nominations.


So it's à bientôt, but not au revoir. I'll still be involved in some
working groups, seeing through things I started, but not as Chair. I will
continue to represent my ALS -- which recently was rechartered under
Canada's new non-for-profit laws -- in calls, Skype and email to the extent
I am able. So you're not wholly rid of me.

Still, it's been a helluva run. ​
Thank you
​ for the opportunity to serve.​

Evan Leibovitch
Toronto Canada
​ (until the end of the month)​
Em: evan at telly dot org
Sk: evanleibovitch
Tw: el56

​PS: If you'd like to keep a conversation about how to use the Internet to
help refugees retrain, regroup and recover their lives, please stay in
touch. That's my life right now.​

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