[NA-Discuss] On special election for the election of our board seat

Garth Bruen gbruen at knujon.com
Thu Feb 13 16:14:54 UTC 2014

Hello NARALO'ers (-ites?),

There was a brief discussion on Monday's call about a pending election. I
realize the discussion and issue is very confusing so I will hope to sort it

The ICANN Board of Directors has one seat for an At-Large representative
("Seat #15"). The term of our current Board member ends this year. This
person is voted on by leadership in the At-Large Advisory Council (ALAC) and
the five (5) RALO chairs under rule #27.7. 

Current Board is here: http://www.icann.org/en/groups/board

ALAC members running for the Board may NOT vote in the election. This means
a proxy voter must be selected  and affirmed by a vote under rule # 19.10.1.
The vote is a requirement, but how the alternate voters are selected is not

Two of our ALAC members: Alan Greenberg and Evan Leibovitch, are both
running for seat #15 so we need TWO replacement voters from NARALO. 

Since I am the Chair and I am already voting. I cannot have second vote. 

These are some of my sugestions for selecting alternative voters:

1. Assign the votes to our two other leadership positions: Louis Houle
(NOMCOM) and Glenn McKnight (Secretary)

2. Select two (2) alternate voting candidates though a VOTE from ALL of the
NARALO ALS operators, excluding the ALAC reps and NARALO Chair - affirm two
alternates by vote. 

3. Select two (2) alternate voting candidates RANDOMLY from ALL of the
NARALO ALS operators, excluding the ALAC reps and NARALO Chair - affirm two
alternates by vote.

I will entertain other suggestions. 

To be clear, there are several "votes" involved here: 

A) Potential vote for method of selecting alternative seat #15 voters (vote
not required, can be done through consensus)
B) An official vote for two (2) alternate seat #15 voters (ALL ALS
representatives vote in this process)
C) A vote for the Board seat #15 representative (Voting by Eduardo Diaz -
ALAC, Garth Bruen - Chair, Alternate #1, Alternate #2)

There are many who would prefer that we select a Board representative
through a vote by ALL ALSes or ALL At-Large particiapants, but that is a
separate discussion.

Thanks, Garth

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