[NA-Discuss] On ALS #19

Garth Bruen gbruen at knujon.com
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Consider this a formal warning. 

I have made two private requests of you to issue an apology for
inappropriate remarks you made on our list in March. You have not responded
to these requests. I am now issuing this request in public. You must issue
an apology or I will request staff to restrict your posting on the NARALO
list as you have violated the forum polices and have not supplied a an SOI
which meets the requirements. 

I asked you to create a document with all of our ALSes and any concerns you
had for each one to be reviewed on our last call instead of asking repeated
questions. You never did so.

Randy Glass was an active participant in ALL of our policy discussions in
Toronto and volunteered for various support activities. You did not.

I have been working very hard to bring NARALO together, streamline what we
do, and build a better At-Large. Your postings are detracting from our work,
not adding to it. I have tried to engage you, but you have not been


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