[NA-Discuss] On ALS #19

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net
Wed Jun 19 03:04:17 UTC 2013


I suggest that ALS #19 be decertified.

Recalling that ALS #19, on 25 May 2004, offered that it consisted of
"10 students and faculty of two colleges in Honolulu ..." and an
additional estimated 126,000,000 "at-large members" with "directors
chosen consistent with the organizational by-laws" ...

> Dr. Richard Nicklas President President at xxxxxxxx

Is no longer associated with Hawai'i Pacific University and may live
in Wichita Falls, Texas. The student reviews at this URL are droll.


> Administrative Officer
> Everett P. Priestley Vice President

Google is unable to locate.

> Joseph Robbie Treasurer Treasurer at xxxxxxxxx

Google is unable to locate.

> Public Relations Officer
> Randy Glass Secretary Secretary at xxxxxxxxxx

The only member of a LinkedIn "group" to whom LinkedIn attributes any
activity for the past year, and, according to LinkedIn, is located in
Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida.

And Chief Policy Advisor, America at Large, January 2005 -- Present (8
years 6 months). This from Randy Glass' LinkedIn profile, note that
the Office of Secretary is not mentioned.

> Executive Director
> Chief Policy Advisor
> Dr. Niti Villinger Advisor DrVillinger at xxxxxxxxxxx

Is also no longer associated with Hawai'i Pacific University. Again,
the student reviews at this URL are droll.


No President, no Vice President, No Treasurer, No Secretary, No
Executive Director, no bylaws, no students, no connection admitted by
the University of Honolulu, just Randy Glass, now half the world away
and exercising the august role of Chief Policy Advisor of so unusual a
group consisting of ... one guy exercising a LinkedIn micro blog.

Randy, is there anyone else in there with you? Who are the current
directors of "America at Large", in particular the Secretary, an Officer,
which apparently you are no longer, and where are the by-laws that
consistent with their selection?

Eric Brunner-Williams
Eugene, Oregon

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