[NA-Discuss] Statement on Pre-Registration: Draft for discussion

ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net
Wed Jun 15 23:34:36 UTC 2011


I was surprised to hear in the most recent JAS call, the GAC express
a current interest in applications from public administrations of urban
areas, and the fees for which these public administrations will be liable.

For those who hold the belief that a geographic association such as the
name of an urban area will not work, how do you distinguish between the
urban and the region?

If .nyc is "a bad idea (tm)", what kind of an idea is .quebec?

They are both political jurisdictions, both mid-sized in the population
and average income among the existing entities holding, for better or for
worse, iso3166 delegations, and both having functioning administrations.

Or are both "a bad idea (tm)", and for the same reason?

Prior to joining NARALO I was the CityTLD Constituency Petitioners' 
appointee (or stuckee) to the GNSO's Operations Work Team, so I've
some interest in why people think city governments, which appear to
be adopting RDF, linked data stadards, sematic web notions, etc, will
not use namespaces. 

Thanks in advance for you thoughts,

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