[NA-Discuss] NomCom Process description

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Mon Jun 13 15:52:42 UTC 2011

I am sorry, my line dropped during the NARALO call just as I was
explaining the NomCom process.

The ALAC vacant seat is for a delegate from the North American region.
No information is shared between successive NomComs, so the NomCom 2011
does not have access to the information that the NomCom 2010 had.
Furthermore, the NomCom 2011 was mandated to search for ALAC candidates
from Africa, Asia/Australia/Pacific and Latin America/Caribbean. It is
therefore the task of the 2010 NomCom to find a replacement.
Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, Chair of the 2010 NomCom was informed and I
believe that the process is under way to go through the alternate(s)
list, along with Due Diligence etc. But the process does take a while,
so from the start is was *not* expected that a candidate be selected
prior to the Singapore meeting.
The spare travel slot was therefore allocated by the ALAC to the NARALO
region to offer to one of their delegates. This was an emergency
procedure since with the Singapore meeting so near, all travel
arrangements had to be finalised within a matter of days. Had no
candidate been found within a few days, that travel slot would have been
I am very glad that Eric Brunner Williams was able to accept the offer
which NARALO extended to him and look forward to seeing many of you in
Warm regards,

Olivier Crépin-Leblond

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