[NA-Discuss] Statement on Pre-Registration: Draft for discussion

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I tried to comment on this "Pre-Registration" post but apparently am not 
registered (and there's no registration button?).

Until access to the wiki presents itself, I offer the comment on 
pre-registration as it might affect the people and processes of New York 

Thomas Lowenhaupt's comment on the "Statement on Pre-Registration (NARLO)"

In the instance of New York City, I can imagine pre-registrations 
becoming a matter of civic disruption. For example, imagine small 
businesses predicating their business plans on the availability of .nyc 
domain names as implied in these pre-registration offers. I start 
gearing up to offer weather.nyc. My sister-in-law hears of this new 
opportunity and "reserves" crochet.nyc. And Andy at Pizza Boy hears us 
jabbering and says he has a new chain of local pizza shops planned and 
this would fit in perfectly with his city-wide delivery plan. And on and 
on into the thousands.

Next the city starts to take a serious look at the social, economic, 
cultural, and civic impact of .nyc and realizes that such a review will 
take some time. With cities acting in glacial time rather than Internet 
time, this could lead to many thousands of disappointed "pre-registrants."

Now imagine a candidate for mayor, let's say Anthony Weiner - an 
advanced Internet use - sees this disgruntled group of pre-registrants 
as a political resource that can become a plank in his campaign, "Elect 
me mayor and on the first day in office I'll sign off on .nyc - NO DELAY!"

With the ICANN having offered zero, zip, nada, guidance for cities 
looking into this once-in-an-Internet opportunity, I can see this as the 
winning proposition. "There's no evidence to show that city TLDs are 
other than revenue generating." "Our small businesses need it NOW." 
"Jobs, jobs, jobs." "Other cities are going to get a jump on us." Etc.

More thoughtful candidates will be left arguing the benefits of 
infrastructure. ~ Mayor Weiner.

Thomas Lowenhaupt, Founding Director
Connecting.nyc Inc.


Tom Lowenhaupt

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On 6/13/2011 9:25 AM, Seth Greene wrote:
> Hello, NARALO members,
> A wiki page has been created for this statement.  It includes Beau's draft, and comments can be added below it using the "Add Comment" function:
> https://community.icann.org/display/alacpolicydev/Statement+on+Pre-Registration+%28NARALO%29.
> This might make it easier to keep the comments together and revise the document.
> Many thanks,
> Seth
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> Yes, I understand that objection -- I'm not sure I really got my own point across. I am hoping someone who has some knowledge of how Verisign used pre-registration 10 or more years ago to capture market share might help us out here on that part of the draft, because it's that I was trying to refer to...
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>> I agree with the general sentiment of avoiding confusion -- more, and
>> more accurate information is better.
>> I disagree with the sentences below, specifically as regards
>> "artificially creating demand."  If the service acts as an indication of
>> demand, we can dispute its accuracy (lots more people may "pre-register"
>> if its free than might pay money for a registration, or vice versa, they
>> might not want to show their hands early) but I don't think it's
>> insidious for that reason.  I see nothing wrong with letting people try
>> to measure or justify demand for new TLDs however they like.
>> On 06/10/2011 06:24 PM, Beau Brendler wrote:
>>> While United Domains says the pre-registration service is free and non-binding, the NARALO is concerned the offer of such a service could create artificial demand which could then be used to justify additional rounds of TLD creation and release, or might serve to confuse consumers.
>> Thanks,
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