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Eduardo Diaz eduardodiazrivera at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 17:16:38 UTC 2011

I agree that there should be a de-certification of a non-active ALS but
after a due process is executed. I believe the EURALO process is a good base
document but it needs to be discussed by all.

If we say that we have X number of members but only Y (meaning less)
participate in anything at all, we can not really say that we have X
members. The point of the RALOs is to bring together the common issues and
concerns of the region. That is only going to happen if its members are
really involved in one way or another. We need to talk about improving our
recruiting activities

Please include me in this discussion while in Singapore.



On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 9:57 AM, Thompson, Darlene <DThompson1 at gov.nu.ca>wrote:

> Hi all,
> The leadership will be discussing what to do about non-active ALSs.
>  Attached is what the EURALO is proposing to do.  Our current wording is:
> "When an ALS representative does not vote in 3 consecutive NARALO elections
> or does not contribute a comment on ICANN policy through collaboration on
> the At-Large discussion lists in 12 consecutive months, it automatically
> loses its voting rights and active status within the NARALO. The ALS should
> be notified of the status change and may regain its voting rights and active
> status if within the next 12 months it votes or participates to online
> discussions, otherwise the Chair will submit to ALAC a request for
> de-certification of that ALS."
> The wording above makes it so an inactive ALS will not negatively affect
> our quorum.  We have never actually taken the step of de-certification of an
> ALS.  Can I have any comments you might have on our process?  We will be
> discussing this in Singapore.
> D
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> Dear all,
> for the upcoming At-Large Regional Leadership meeting in Singapore on
> Wednesday, 22 June - (time TBC from 11:00 - 12:30), I would like to suggest
> an agenda item on a "RALO/ALAC coordinated procedure - how to deal with
> inactive certified members".
> Attached please find a copy of the EURALO discussion paper I would like to
> share with you.
> Pleased to meet you soon again,
> kind regards,
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