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Please be specific when you ask for "an enhanced level of communication from the office of the NARALO Secretariat".  In what way has this been lacking?

Just the other night you IMed me at home during my personal time with an ICANN matter that had nothing to do with our region and I responded to it immediately and followed up on it the next morning since I hadn't heard anything that night.

I forward everything that is sent to me by staff onto the list and follow up.  I made sure that we were well represented in San Francisco and did tons of work making sure that my end was looked after including liaising with LACRALO who had done a showcase before.


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You raise several valid points.

With regard to an ALAC Statement on the proposed renewal of Verisign's contract to operate the .net registry, the ALAC has already generated a Statement that may be found here:


I concur with your observation that those in receipt of travel support by virtue of their offices should be better attuned to the needs of the community they serve.  I, speaking just for myself, will admit to hoping for an enhanced level of communication from the office of the NARALO Secretariat.

Beyond that, I continue to be astounded by the appalling lack of discussion to be found in the ALAC archives (not a new development, but disappointing nonetheless).

I'm similarly troubled by the lack of "work" being done within most ALAC Working Groups and Committees (where discussion levels tend to approach "non-existent").

Finally, as NARALO officers have already weighed in on this topic, I am confident that your concerns are being noted and will likely be addressed in the immediate future..

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