[NA-Discuss] Please consider my nomination to the NARALO ALAC Election

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Tue Jul 26 18:28:05 UTC 2011

On 26 July 2011 13:18, Thompson, Darlene <DThompson1 at gov.nu.ca> wrote:

> I'm sorry that this has gotten so confusing for everybody involved.  We
> have four elections/nominations happening concurrently:
> 1.  NARALO nomination for the ALAC Nom Com position (replacing Marc) (now
> closed) (Alan and Eric have their names in - that we know of)

   - There is nothing for NARALO to do here. In fact it is not a NARALO
   nomination, it is a regional appointment to ALAC by the NomCom.
   - This is not a normal appointment, it is an emergency measure designed
   to fill an unanticipated vacancy for the remainder of its term.
   - This is a confidential process; we have been involved in publicity but
   have zero influence on how the selection happens; indeed, we will never be
   informed officially of how many people stepped forward to be considered

2.  NARALO nomination for an At Large delegate for the Nominating Committee
> itself (this was held by Eduardo up until now) (Glenn (definitely) and
> Eduardo (probably) have their names in)

   - This is an ALAC appointment. Regions can offer a preference or stay
   silent, but the actual decision comes from ALAC which has on occasion
   rejected the regional preference.
   - Eduardo cannot stand again, he has served two consecutive terms.
   - I have nominated Glenn who has accepted the nomination
   - Beau had mentioned Annalisa but has since indicated she has withdrawn

3.  NARALO election for ALAC (this position was held by Gareth - he is still
> eligible for another term if he chooses to run) (if Eduardo is chosen to
> serve as the NARALO NomCom delegate he cannot hold this position) (debatably
> we have NOBODY on the slate yet)

   - As stated, Eduardo cannot be on the NomCom for a third term. He has
   been nominated and intends to stand for election as NARALO rep to ALAC -- so
   far the only candidate yet to declare,
   - Gareth is eligible to run for re-election but has not yet stated if he
   will do so.

> 4.  NARALO election for leadership positions of Chair and Secretariat (so
> far Beau and I have been re-nominated to continue holding these positions
> but anybody can run or nominate someone else)

   - Exactly right

So... to recap, here is a list of what NARALO is to do.

   - ELECT a Chair and Secretariat for one-year terms
      - Currently held by Beau and Darlene, who are standing for re-election

      - ELECT an ALAC representative for a two-year term (Gareth's current
      - So far Eduardo has declared his candidacy, Gareth is eligible for
      another term but has not declared

      - RECOMMEND to ALAC a preference for its North American appointment to
   the Nominating Committee for a two-year term
      - Any preference stated by NARALO is optional and non-binding upon
      ALAC, which makes the actual selection
      - So far only Glenn is recorded as wanting the post and requesting
      NARALO's endorsement

      - STAND IDLY BY as the Nominating Committee selects a replacement for
   the ALAC vacancy created by Marc Rotenberg's resignation, for the remainder
   of that position's term (approximately one year)
      - The selection process and list of interested candidates are

Of course, an election is not necessary if only a single person is a
declared candidate for a position at the time of the appropriate deadline.

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