[NA-Discuss] Please consider my nomination to the NARALO ALAC Election

Thompson, Darlene DThompson1 at GOV.NU.CA
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Hi Eduardo and all,

Eduardo:  OK, I am totally confused and I really hope that you can clarify!  I notice from https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Elections+2011 that this appointment and subsequent support has been considered as being for the ALAC delegate to the Nom Com.  If you read my e-mail below, the election that you replied to was for the NARALO ALAC election - NOT the Nominating Committee position.  So, which position were you proposing yourself for?  We need to know this as this changes the landscape for the NARALO ALAC election.  Also, this opens the question as to whether your application to the Nominating Committee was done on time and whether the subsequent support can actually be counted (if it matters anyways).

Eduardo, I am also very confused by the new timings quoted in the attached link.  On July 10, Adam Peake sent an e-mail to the Secretariats list which I subsequently forwarded to this list stating that we had until Aug. 15 to send our choices for delegates to the NomCom.  Why has this time-line been tightened up without notice to the regions - or am I muddling things up again?


I'm sorry that this has gotten so confusing for everybody involved.  We have four elections/nominations happening concurrently:

1.  NARALO nomination for the ALAC Nom Com position (replacing Marc) (now closed) (Alan and Eric have their names in - that we know of)
2.  NARALO nomination for an At Large delegate for the Nominating Committee itself (this was held by Eduardo up until now) (Glenn (definitely) and Eduardo (probably) have their names in)
3.  NARALO election for ALAC (this position was held by Gareth - he is still eligible for another term if he chooses to run) (if Eduardo is chosen to serve as the NARALO NomCom delegate he cannot hold this position) (debatably we have NOBODY on the slate yet)
4.  NARALO election for leadership positions of Chair and Secretariat (so far Beau and I have been re-nominated to continue holding these positions but anybody can run or nominate someone else)

I hope that we can get the timings and the "who is running for WHAT" issues settled quickly!


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I want to submit my nomination for the ALAC election.

 I have been a founder member of the NARALO since its inception in 2007.
During this time I have been able to participate in the majority of  all
conference/ICANN meetings. I was elected for two consecutive years to the
NomCom and I successfully put together (with the help of you all!!) a good
NARALO show in San Francisco. Currently, I am representing the region in the
ccNSO Territory and Country Names Study Group and also submitted my name to
volunteer in the WHOIS Review Team.

 I believe I am ready to work at a level with a wider scope and
responsibilities. I have the time and motivation to do the work required at


 Eduardo Diaz

On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 1:46 PM, Thompson, Darlene <DThompson1 at gov.nu.ca>wrote:

> Hi all,
> Please note that it is also time for our annual ALAC election.  Please see
> two excerpts from our Rules of Procedure:
> 10. These members will serve for terms of two (2) years and may not serve
> more than two consecutive terms totaling more than 40 months. Each new ALAC
> member selected by the NARALO will be seated at the close of ICANN's annual
> meeting. ALAC members filling a vacancy will be seated immediately following
> their nomination. …
> 11. At least once a year, on or before the First of July, or whenever a
> vacancy arises, the NARALO shall issue a call for Statements of Interest
> from members of the North American Internet community to serve on the ALAC.
>  The call for Statements of Interest shall be open for at least 30 days. New
> ALAC members will be selected and announced sufficiently in advance of
> ICANN's annual meeting to allow them to be seated as required by Paragraph
> 10.
> Gareth Shearman’s first full term has now come to a close.  He is still
> qualified to serve for one more term if he chooses to stand for election.
>  The Call for Statements of Interest is now open and will close on August
> 19, 2011.  If anyone is interested in this position, please send your SOI to
> the list.  An election will follow shortly after August 19, 2011.
> My apologies for not catching the July 1 deadline but, fortunately, we
> still have plenty of time before the next meeting for this election process.
> D
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