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> Joly: It was good that the ALAC sent a statement but its too bad there
> wasn¹t more in it about ANY government being able to shut down the
> Internet.

That wasn't me.

Joly: We can make strong statements to ICANN about what they should say but
> should not be making strong statements to others

say or do

On the SWOT item it was pointed out that, for the most part, ALS's have only
to rank the various choices +1,+2,+3 etc  - it's not necessary to create
more items. The deadline is Thursday Feb 17.

June 14 for the INET ­ Vint Cerf and somebody as keynoters

somebody = Tim Berners Lee

> Danny: The GAC thinks that they can veto so many things about ICANN and
> this
> is unacceptable to At Large.

In response to Danny's point, Evan repeated that he had discussions with USG
GAC reps and that they had been surprised to hear that ALAC shared many
concerns. GAC had felt that they were out on a limb and thus were resorting
to desperate measures. A solid area of consensus was opposition to ICANN's
proposed further outsourcing of dispute resolution. Evan assured the call
that the board, particularly with Sebastien included, were well briefed on
At-Large concerns.

On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 6:35 AM, ICANN At-Large Staff <
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> Dear All,
> The summary minutes and action items from yesterday¹s call have now been
> posted under:
> https://community.icann.org/display/NARALO/NARALO+14.02.2011+Teleconference
> The summary minutes are also attached below.
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> Regards,
> Heidi Ullrich, Matthias Langenegger, Seth Greene, Gisella Gruber-White,
> Marilyn Vernon, Kristina Nordström
> ICANN At-Large Staff
> email: staff[at]atlarge.icann.org
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> NARALO 14.02.2011 Summary Minutes
> Participants: Alan Greenberg, Marc Rotenberg, Beau Brendler, Darlene
> Thompson, Gordon Chillcot, Allan Skuce, Joly McFie, Seth Reiss, Garth
> Bruen,
> Evan Leibovitch, Eric Brunner-Williams, Danny Younger, Eduardo Diaz, Glenn
> McKnight,
> Apologies: Gareth Shearman
> Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Matthias Langenegger
> ALAC Statement on the current situation in Egypt
> Marc: I was disappointed with the statement. The ALAC missed an opportunity
> here.
> Joly: It was good that the ALAC sent a statement but its too bad there
> wasn¹t more in it about ANY government being able to shut down the
> Internet.
> Alan Greenberg feels that we need to be careful of both ICANN¹s scope and
> what people on the ground there felt.  ICANN is walking a careful edge in
> this so should a part of ICANN make a stronger statement than ICANN feels
> it
> could/should.  We need to balance all of those concerns but should come
> down
> on the side of caution.
> Joly: We can make strong statements to ICANN about what they should say but
> should not be making strong statements to others.
> Marc: Silence in these situations can also be a decision, not just a lack
> thereof.
> Update on Current Policy Developments
> Board/GAC Consultation on New gTLDS
> Evan: He has been in contact with some on the GAC and there is a lot of
> frustration within the GAC because of suggestions being ignored by ICANN.
> There is a meeting happening in Brussels at the end of this month and on
> the
> GAC, Board and certain consultants may speak.  The GAC has identified
> issues
> with which they have certain concern in this process that they feel are
> flawed. (trademark protection, objectionable strings)  The GAC has been
> pushing for this meeting and there will be three people from ALAC that will
> be attending this meeting as observers (Olivier, Rudi, Avri).  There will
> be
> streaming audio and video and so this part will be public.
> Joly would be interested to know where the GAC and ALAC have common
> grounds.
> Evan: We are agreed on many of the things we don¹t like such as
> objectionable strings and trademark protection.
> Transition from IPv4 to IPv6
> Beau: Should we have a separate call later in the month with specialists on
> this?  Yes.
> We also need a briefing call on this.
> Discuss NARALO Input into WT C SWOT analyses
> Beau: Our income is requested into this.  The time is running short on this
> and we need to get into this document and get our hands dirty.  Perhaps we
> need to schedule a separate call.  If we don¹t make our statements known
> here, it will be difficult to complain further down the road.  Do we agree
> with their analysis of the situation?  Perhaps we don¹t need a separate
> call.
> AI: Beau will send a follow up message on the SWOT analysis to the NARALO
> list and provide preliminary input on behalf of NARALO.
> Preparations for the NARALO Activities at ICANN SF Meeting
> Update on the Townhall Event at Stanford University
> What do we need to do here to make this come off?
> Marc: We need to get an update but there is a lot of interest.
> Heidi: They¹ve discussed this with the executive committee and they would
> like to start a mailing list of interested members in order to move forward
> on this.  We need to discuss the organization of this.  There has been
> interest from Stanford and from ISOC SF.  Annalisa Roger wouldn¹t mind
> helping to organize this.  Saturday won¹t work for this and neither will
> Sunday.  The timing is an issue.  Even the evenings are getting filled up.
> Tuesday is music night but this could be held at the same time and will
> draw
> a different crowd.  This will happen physically at Stanford but will also
> be
> cyber-cast.  We would need to charter a bus for this.  We also need to look
> at sponsorships.  Do we have presenters set up for this?  No, but we don¹t
> think there will be much difficulty for this.
> AI: Heidi will add the participants of this call to the mailing list of the
> Townhall Meeting.
>  Update on SF Showcase Event
> We are attempting to get sponsorships for this event.  Darlene is
> collecting
> information for the fact sheets.  We have also set up the agenda for this.
> Our keynote speaker is Vint Cerf and Rod Beckstrom will also be speaking.
> We will be giving Vint a speaker gift.  Each ALS will be given a chance to
> speak.  Adam will be talking about our outreach efforts.  It should be a
> very exciting meeting.  We have a conference call on this every Thursday.
> NARALO Budget Requests for FY12
> Beau: We have asked for a general assembly, presence at three large
> international technology conferences, and presence at NA meetings.  ALAC
> has
> not put forward a judgment call on what is important and what not.
> Heidi: All regions¹ ideas have been collected together and then taken to
> ICANN financial staff to see if it fits with the strategic plan. We will
> hold a community call in the last week of February with Juan where he will
> give us an update, they will also brief At-Large in San Francisco about the
> current status of the At-Large requests.
> Evan: Scott Pinzon will be meeting with us in regards to outreach, in-reach
> and general communications.  He has already completed one podcast and
> another is being done right now and it should be ready SF.  Scott is also
> looking at a newsletter for At Large. We also expect French and Spanish
> versions of the NARALO brochures.
> Update from the At-Large Improvements WTs
> WT A:  ALAC¹s continuing purpose ­ Unlike bodies like GNSO, there is not
> restriction on the scope of At Large to participate, not just in GTLD
> policy
> but also Internationalization, security initiatives, ICANN policy
> functions.
> These are being put into ICANN¹s bylaws for At-Large.
> WT B:  ALS participation ­ Have a closer look at alternative communicative
> tools like Posterous and staff has been tasked to look into that more
> closely.  We advanced the other issues like using Adobe Connect for ALS
> meetings.
> WT C:  ALAC planning processes ­ They have been working mainly on the SWOT
> analysis.
> WT D:  ALAC¹s policy advice development ­ This is a consolidation of
> documents that staff and Beau has put together.  This will then be hosted
> on
> the consumer commens wiki for further comment.
> Recent and Upcoming Activities of ALAC
> Alan Greenberg has agreed to draft the proposed process for recognition of
> new GNSO constituencies.
> Edmond Chung has agreed to draft the ALAC statement on the
> Internationalized
> Registration Data Working Group Interim Report.
> Carlton Samuels has agreed to put in a late comment into the public
> consultation on GNSO Working Group Guidelines.
> Recent and Upcoming Activities of NARALO members.
> Joly: June 14 for the INET ­ Vint Cerf and somebody as keynoters
> Danny: The GAC thinks that they can veto so many things about ICANN and
> this
> is unacceptable to At Large.
> The meeting was then adjourned.
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