[NA-Discuss] ICANN fires CEO

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Wed Aug 24 12:27:11 UTC 2011


While I don't disagree in principal that remote management is less useful
than local management, the individual I suggested as an interim manager
has, unlike any possible external candidate, several years of just that
experience in the MdR offices.

I do however take exception to your writing as follows:

> In any case, the entire thing is moot, as Beckstrom is staying on until next July

First, the employee's representations are not relevent, nor, for that matter,
are the representations of a single member of the Board, unless the regal
style of the former Chair is to be unfortunately perpetuated, which lead
directly to the selection of this particular person to be employed as the
executive manager. Mr. Beckstrom's employment contract expires on a date.
He may yet elect to take an earlier date of termination, and the actual
interim executive management of the corporation may be carried out by one
or more other persons.

Second, as a matter of policy, this regional organization, may, whether
any others join it, or oppose it, recommend that a situation which it
holds harmful to the corporation be the subject of efforts to reduce the

This policy originating capacity is not conditional upon third parties.

Had you written "For me [Michele Neylon], the entire thing is moot, ..."
I'd only have to point to the first observation, the non-binding nature
of the employee's claims regarding future performance of an at-will

An management period which resulted in significant loss of staff is coming
to an end. 

It is reasonable to consider alternatives to the "strongman" style of
leadership exercised by the former Chair, and the claims, which are very
difficult to actually substantiate, of increassed "professionalism" and
"performance", advanced by the non-renewed Executive, and collaterally,
the utility of several recent senior hires, and whether any of the recent
senior and mid-level losses of experienced staff are reversable.


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