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Michele Neylon :: Blacknight michele at blacknight.ie
Wed Aug 24 14:35:56 UTC 2011

On 24 Aug 2011, at 13:27, <ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net>

> Michele,
> While I don't disagree in principal that remote management is less useful
> than local management, the individual I suggested as an interim manager
> has, unlike any possible external candidate, several years of just that
> experience in the MdR offices.
> I do however take exception to your writing as follows:
>> In any case, the entire thing is moot, as Beckstrom is staying on until next July
> First, the employee's representations are not relevent, nor, for that matter,
> are the representations of a single member of the Board, unless the regal
> style of the former Chair is to be unfortunately perpetuated, which lead
> directly to the selection of this particular person to be employed as the
> executive manager. Mr. Beckstrom's employment contract expires on a date.
> He may yet elect to take an earlier date of termination, and the actual
> interim executive management of the corporation may be carried out by one
> or more other persons.
> Second, as a matter of policy, this regional organization, may, whether
> any others join it, or oppose it, recommend that a situation which it
> holds harmful to the corporation be the subject of efforts to reduce the
> harm.
> This policy originating capacity is not conditional upon third parties.
> Had you written "For me [Michele Neylon], the entire thing is moot, ..."
> I'd only have to point to the first observation, the non-binding nature
> of the employee's claims regarding future performance of an at-will
> contract.

Eric - anything I post to any mailing list is my own opinion and nothing more or less - pretty much the way anything you post is your opinion.

> An management period which resulted in significant loss of staff is coming
> to an end. 
> It is reasonable to consider alternatives to the "strongman" style of
> leadership exercised by the former Chair, and the claims, which are very
> difficult to actually substantiate, of increassed "professionalism" and
> "performance", advanced by the non-renewed Executive, and collaterally,
> the utility of several recent senior hires, and whether any of the recent
> senior and mid-level losses of experienced staff are reversable.

That assumes that the position of CEO / president and its role is something which is open to community debate and discussion.. while I think there is a certain degree of value in that discussion I'd hate to think that the CEO / president was being hired by the community, as that would undermine the role of the board.



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