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How about one brochure that has all three languages?

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> Gentlemen,
> You have each asked that the entire inventories of NARALO brouchures in
> French and Spanish be committed exclusively to your hands.
> I wish to observe that while French is spoken primarily in Quebec in
> the North American Region, and Spanish is spoken primarily in Puerto
> Rico in the North American Region, that it is possible that there are
> needs for NARALO brochures, in French, and in Spanish, which may be
> as well served by others.
> I don't doubt that there are too few brochures to go around, but if
> all non-English brouchures are allocated to the ALSs in Quebec and
> Puerto Rico, that exhausts that resource and limits outreach to the
> Francophone and Hispanophone populations of the region except those
> in the Province of Quebec and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
> Equitably, and in cooperation,
> Eric
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