[NA-Discuss] Fwd: Edits and comments to NARALO/ALAC position statement on GAC scorecard

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Fri Apr 1 18:51:08 UTC 2011

On 1 April 2011 14:09, Avri Doria <avri at ella.com> wrote:

> On 31 Mar 2011, at 15:51, Evan Leibovitch wrote:
> > Is there ANY instance that one could name in which the public has been
> > deprived of original Internet content because of limitations of the
> existing
> > namespace?
> I think that to some extent all people who do not know ASCII are deprived
> by the absence of the IDN name space.

I'd already indicated IDNs as the exception, I was referring to the
predominantly ASCII strings amongst the TLD wannabes.
And anyway, we don't need the new TLD program to enable IDN TLDs, which are
already underway under the fast track program.

- Evan

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