[NA-Discuss] The At-Large ICANN Board Candidate Selection

Jean Armour Polly mom at netmom.com
Wed Nov 3 14:45:13 UTC 2010

The notion that a petition process supported by multiple RALOs would 
be taken as a mark of disrespect to the committee and its work is 
groundless. A committee would have to have a rarified view of itself 
and its own importance to think anything like that, and I am sure 
that isn't the case with the committee in question.

The petition process just adds to the transparent and open flavor of 
ALAC.  And perhaps it is a tad "mavericky" which is ALAC's birthright 
after all. :-)
"These young kids today don't remember the packet wars of the early 
90s, when we had to carry a SPARC station through the snow for 
hundreds of miles until we reached a POP...." -- Jean Armour Polly

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