[NA-Discuss] The At-Large ICANN Board Candidate Selection

Carlton Samuels carlton.samuels at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 14:12:34 UTC 2010

Dear Colleagues & Friends:
I hope you don't mind my 2 cents but I would wish to support the position
argued by Darlene and others.   We cannot disavow the role personality plays
in these matters but let us be cautious on this.  I like and have
tremenduous respect for  Avri.  I deeply respect several others on the list
who, too, didn't make the cut.  But I hold that invoking the petition
process at this time is counterproductive and, even more corrosive,
rubbishes the work of the BCEC  committee.

The objective remains; the At-Large wishes to fill Seat No 15 on the ICANN
Board with a member sympathetic, if not committed, to the At-Large agenda.
 The ABSdt Committee collected attributes and spent many months defining the
candidate attribute set and selection criteria.  Do have another look at the
SOI; it was laid out to play like it was an infomercial - for the candidate.
The process devised separated determination of the selection criteria from
the evaluation process; the BCEC is peopled by members from the edge of the
At-Large; ALS members.  They collectively designed a selection process that
included, among other steps designed to reduce the influence of personality,
anonymised candidates for their process.   They had two passes at the
candidate list. And they produced 3 finalist candidates.

Now, maybe our preferred candidate did not emerge from this process.  And
perhaps, like doting parents who are unanimous that our children are above
average, our candidate is, of right, first among equals. But in the universe
of things that could've happened and until I am otherwise convinced, this is
hardly reason to say of the BCEC 'you did not get this right'.   Maybe the
next go-round will be more favourable to our favourite candidate.

Let it be.


Carlton A Samuels
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> Hi all,
> Actually, Garth Bruen did reply and stated that although he was on the
> slate, too, he would oppose this.
> Why aren't we campaigning for Garth?  He is excellent, too.
> This is why I *personally* think that we should allow the process to
> continue and assume that the BCEC did its job.  Elsewise, it comes down to
> personalities and who we all like.  I like Avri very much and think she
> would do an excellent job but there were other people on the slate that I
> thought just as qualified.
> This is just my opinion but it is also why I would be against this.  I am
> not going to go second guessing the very qualified people on the BCEC.
> D
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