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Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net
Thu Mar 7 17:31:24 UTC 2013


Thank you for again posting the responsive comments of Mr. Weissberg.
I appreciate that you're not vouching for the correctness and
completeness of the communication relayed -- least off all my mangling
made of his name in a prior communication.

[4] If the representation of the "previous, current and continued
dialogue" with the WHO ADG is that it is more than merely informative,
then does Mr. Weissberg offer the understanding that the relationship
between DotHealth LLC and the World Health Organization is distinct in
substance -- here, support for one applicant over another -- from the
relationships between all other similar applicants for "health", in
the Latin and Han scripts and the World Health Organization?

Again, I've tried to phrase these as questions to which the likely
answer is a simple "yes".

Again, I trust that competent answers will be forthcoming prior to the
point in time when the ALAC considers the present objection and Mr.
Weissberg's counterclaims, as time is pressing.

Eric Brunner-Williams

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