[NA-Discuss] Geographic Regions Statement

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Thu Jan 27 18:41:58 UTC 2011

It's my understanding that this undertaking is about the groupings of
existing political entities (countries, territiories, etc) into regions.
This has nothing to do with language, "national character" or the internal
foundations of political entitles, else this WG's global list of issues
would be far too complex (and well beyond ICANN's core competencies) to cope

I don't know enough to comment about the status of Greenland, which has
self-rule yet is still bound by the foreign and fiscal policies of Denmark.
I would prefer to hear from a potential ALS within Greenland, to find out
where *they* would prefer to be, rather than having outsiders dictate their

If NARALO wants to make a general statement on the regional assignment of
territorial and partially-autonomous entities, that's quite appropriate if
desired. (I personally have no strong opinion on this, though I would lean
towards allowing potential ALSs the ability to choose their preferred
regions at the time of application.)

Having said that, IMO it would be inappropriate to make comment beyond that

- Evan

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