[NA-Discuss] Geographic Regions Statement

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Thu Jan 27 19:42:48 UTC 2011

> - Whether some parts of the Caribbean identify more with North America than
> South America
> - The status of protectorates that "belong" to one country but are located
> in a different region
>  (ie, do we 'trade' Guam for St. Pierre?)

Puerto Rico was the only significant question I was aware of, since its 
population is greater than that of all the other debatable islands 
combined.  France will never ever consent to putting DOM and TOM anywhere 
but Europe, so most of these questions are moot.  I don't think we care 
whether the anglophone Caribbean is in NA or LAC, it's fine either way. 
(I have a mild preference for NA, since that increases the chance that we 
can take junkets there.)

With respect to Eric's note, it is my impression that in the 21st century, 
the members of the linguistic groups he mentioned are pretty competent in 
English, French, or Spanish, so while it may be an interesting political 
point, it's hard to see how it presents any impediment to ICANN getting 
its work done.  Perhaps Darlene can say whether her neighbors find it a 
problem that we only do English and French, not Inuktitut.

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