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 Asunto: Re: Reflexiones sobre la ELA criterios y expectativas Taskforce 
 De: alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca

 Al 08.08.2015 18:36, Evan Leibovitch escribió: 
 > El 8 de agosto de 2015 09:37, Olivier MJ 
 > Crepin-Leblond &lt; <mailto:ocl at gih.com> ocl at gih.com&gt; escribió: 
> > 3. The latter ones come to meetings, perhaps attend some meetings,
> > enjoy the local offerings, and go home and forget about us until the
> > next trip. THOSE are the ones that I have a real problem with.
>And unfortunately whenever the time comes for having face to face
>meetings, we treat those people the same way as we treat the people who
>genuinely want to get involved.
>So long as At-Large leadership is selected 
>bottom-up by a reasonably democratic process, it 
>will not always include the "hardest workers". 
>Politics of various sorts can happen in any 
>region, and it is not a stretch to say that 
>"number of hours spent on ICANN in the past" can 
>often be ​rended insignificant in an election 
>campaign next to social skills, global geopolitics or other factors.
>Somebody may be elected based on nothing more 
>than a promise to vote a certain way on ALAC 
>statements or to advance a very specific agenda 
>on a narrow range of issues. How do you confront 
>that without threatening the democratic process?
>The easy answer is to ask ICANN for more travel 
>spots as Olivier suggests, so that (as one 
>possible example) working group chairs (which 
>are usually in their posts by merit rather than 
>politics because of the workload). Well, that's 
>an easy answer for us -- to the rest of ICANN's 
>constituencies, most of which already take 
>At-Large to be a charity case, this will be a tough sell.

 caer en todas las categorías, los que caen en Tahat 
 categoría 3 sobre una base regular debe ser tratado 
 con directamente, y los otros tenemos poco 
 más remedio que aceptar. Al menos durante su primer 
 término. Una de las preocupaciones más profundas y los que me he centrado en 
 al contestar eran aquellos para los que apoyamos como representantes de ELA. 
 > (Por otra parte, la ICANN podría si elige ayudar 
 > At-Large vistazo a la participación exterior 
 > Patrocinio - sin embargo, no está dispuesto o no, para hacerlo). 
 > En fin ... cuando yo era más profundamente 
 > Involucrado en At-Large, me resistí e incluso 
 > Menospreciado los diversos intentos de empujar, prod, 
 > Medir y nos silo.La mayoría de estos esfuerzos 
 > Merecemos continuar el ridículo, porque ellos permanecen 
 > gran medida ejercicios mirarse el ombligo, que son más 
 > Eficaz en la distracción y el tiempo de la quema que cualquier otra cosa. 
 > OMI, hay tres necesidades generales de At-Large: 
>    * How do we make ICANN and its dilemmas more 
> accessible to the global public?
>    * How can we best determine what is important to that public?
>    * How can we best advance those priorities 
> within ICANN without being marginalized?

 para hacer que el ELA estructura / RALO, o reducir 
 su visibilidad y su costo. Así las cosas, es a la vez 
 caro (no necesariamente en dinero, sino en el tiempo 
 y enfocar) y nos abre a una fuerte (y en ocasiones válida la crítica) 
 > Todo lo que hacemos debe servir uno de los 
 > Necesidades. Esto significa responder con franqueza: 
 > ¿Quién tiene que hacer lo que en las reuniones F2F? 
>   (Maybe some of our most important travel is NOT to ICANN meetings?)
>How are we engaging with the public outside ICANN?
>   (If CROPP is as good as it gets let's not even bother)
>What staff support do we need in research and communications?
>   (Can we get stats and opinion polls to back our policy actions?)
>How do we mobilize pubic opinion?
>   (First, we get the public to care)
>Wringing our collective hands over how to deal 
>with laggards and tourists -- who happen to be 
>popular enough to get elected -- pre-occupied 
>ALAC before I got involved, and it continues to 
>suck energy out of addressing the real reason 
>the At-Large community even exists.
>​Meanwhile, the other parts of ICANN that 
>prefer At-Large weak and ineffectual, delight in our tail-chasing.
>- Evan

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