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Vanda, coincido con Alejandro. Además coincido con una observación hecha por Olivier Crepin-Leblond:

“For example, recommendation #23, approving new GNSO Constituencies. (and other new GNSO Constituency recommendations)

I am concerned about the creation of more Constituencies, all of which might probably end up in the Non-Contracted Party House, thus further fragmenting the Non-Contracted Party House and increasing tension between Constituencies. We all know about the tension between NCUC and NPOC. Having more Consituencies might only continue to strengthen the Contracted Party House since their vote will be more homogeneous and they will be able to "pick and mix" within the Non-Contracted Party House in order to obtain a majority.

Finally, I am very concerned that none of the recommendations address the wider malaise about the balance of power in the GNSO and the potential for capture caused by a fragmented Non-Contracted Party House and a solid Contracted Party House. We keep on hearing "the GNSO is broken and needs to be reformed" and yet there is not one line in the report that actually investigates the validity of this assertion. I see this as an opportunity missed.”


Las diferencias entre NCUC y NPOC cada vez son mas notorias,y realmente incrementar esto, sería arriesgado. Y no corregirlo, una oportunidad perdida.

Saludos cordiales


Alberto Soto



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las fallas del informe, hasta donde he podido identificarlas, son importantes. Tengamos el valor de votar en contra y hagamos que el trabajo sea bien terminado.


Alejandro Pisanty


On Sat, Aug 1, 2015 at 6:35 PM, Vanda Scartezini <vanda en etges.com.br <mailto:vanda en etges.com.br> > wrote:

Dear all, 

 A vote is calling in ALAC on the propose of ratification of the ALAC draft statement on GNSO review ( see email below) , some of us just contribute. 

 I need to vote till next Thursday. Please, if someone has any position against please not posted on public comment that will demand a change on my vote, please make it public.

If none I intend to vote in favor though I personally believe, and had made such statement, that the review itself was really weak and did not touch several relevant points.  Due the huge involvement of GNSO on the new gTLDs during such review I believe the time frame was not opportune. For the same reason I was in favor to postpone ALAC review to leave IANA stewardship transition to finish and we could pay all our attention on such  review. 

Appreciate any feedback.



Vanda Scartezini

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Sorry for any typos. 



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Dear All, 


Alan Greenberg, Chair of the ALAC, has asked that a vote be held by the ALAC on the proposed ratification of a draft ALAC Statement in response to a public comment request. Please note that only the 15 ALAC members will cast votes in this poll.  



Question: Do you support the ratification of the "ALAC Statement on the Draft Report: Review of the Generic Names Supporting Organization <https://community.icann.org/x/35U0Aw> " for the communication to relevant parties?



Please note that the poll will be open from 01-August-2015 12:00 UTC to 06-August-2015 12:00 UTC.




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