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Mar Mar 19 01:15:22 UTC 2013

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 De: jam en jacquelinemorris.com

 es evidente que la región es de ALC. Creo que el tema es uno de los 
 equilibrio de los intereses de la mayoría y la minoría en una institución democrática. A 
 me, el enfoque en dos regiones es una distracción del verdadero problema como 
 identificado aquí. 
 El 18 de marzo 2013 12:18 PM, <presidencia en internauta.org.ar> escribió: 
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>  From: presidencia en internauta.org.ar
>  Dear companions:
>  We have long engaged in discusin whether we are two (2) or (1)
>  region in the meeting in Costa Rica to discuss this again.
>  Estclaro we are one (1) reginy confess I spent much of my
>  time to take this discussion to ward doubts on the subject and to advance
>  one direction: the discussion of the great issues of the Internet and
>  commitment to defending the rights of users
>  this multicultural region from Latin America and the Caribbean.
>  It seems inappropriate to be discussing this when already buried habamos
>  never to return msa be discussing this that gets us nothing.
>  This topic leads undoubtedly to wear us in matters
>  surface. At times it seems that he had not been to Costa Rica and
>  not remember these debates ...
>  Propose to overcome this bad idea and go for one of profundizacin
>  relations in our region, we integrate more in our culture and
>  our need to build positions that serve users
>  internet of our reginy not pro-establishment within ICANN or its
>  default the business lobby, as was what happened to him. patagonia, the
>  . Amazon and. Cba. with a result that gives shame by the group
>  trateste topic work.
>  Best Regards
>  * Sergio Salinas Porto
>  Argentina President Internauta
>  Argentina Association of Internet Users
> <http://www.internauta.org.ar> / CTA <http://www.ctamdq.org.ar>
>  Fluid Latin American Federation of Internet Users
> <http://www.fuilain.org/>
>  facebook: salinasporto
>  twitter: sergiosalinas
>  MSN / YAHOO MSN / Talk: salinasporto ...
>  Skype: internautaargentina
>  Mobi: +54 215 819 9223 5 *
>  * &quot;Ojalpodamos be disobedient, every time we receive orders that
>  humiliate our conscience or violate our common sense &quot;Eduardo
>  Galeano *
>  _______________________________________________

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