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+1 Jacqueline Morris
+1 Sergio Salinas

Let's keep going,

Johnny Laureano

On Monday, June 4, 2018 at 4:41 p.m., Jacqueline Morris <jam at jacque
linemorris.com> wrote:

Dear all
I agree with Sergio's position. However, I would like to
egar some other comments.
We had a serious distrust and acrimony within LACRALO regarding
n Similar behavior in the past. We have worked hard to overcome the
mistrust between us. After the San Juan meeting, you are
We were in a good place, with a consensus among all, and an agreement to follow
Go ahead and focus on the work. This seems a very retrograde step
or, and I'm afraid he can take us back to a place that nobody wants to
It is clear that Tracy Hackshaw was in a governmental position and
I'm a member of the GAC.It is equally clear that he is no longer in that position
He is no longer a member of the GAC. If we want to say that people in LACR
ALO can not work to make their livelihood jobs
work for the government, companies or any other sector, except the
of individual users,
most of us would not be eligible or
Tracy was instrumental in the formation of ISOC-TT. How can that not
rate it since ISOC-TT is an ALS?

We can please put this to rest and continue with the work that
are we here to do?

Jacqueline A. Morris
Technology should be like oxygen: omnipresent, necessary, i
nvisible and free. (after Chris Lehmann)

On Monday, June 4, 2018 at 3:53 p.m. M., Sergio Salinas Porto <preside
ncia at internauta.org.ar> wrote: [[- Translated text (en -> en) -]] Asun
to: Re: About the member NOMCOM From: Sergio Salinas Porto <presidencia at in
ternauta.org.ar> Dear friends, I think it is not necessary to review the asunt
or.The SOI of Tracy, for me and for me is correct, many of us
omos state workers and that does not mean in any case incompatib
with the representative positions that are discussed within LACRALO. C
continue in this sterile discussion is to promote or generate gaps where
already resolved at our meetings in Los Angeles and Sam Juan de Pue
rto Rico. I propose to look forward and stop making minor discussions
, now we have to work on several issues that are open in the I
CANN and that many of them are waiting for us with our contributions
s.Best regards Sergio Salinas Porto President Association Argentina
of Internet Users Argentina Internet Users / FeTIA / CTA FLUI - Fe
Latin American deration of Internet Users facebook: salinasporto t
witter: sergiosalinas Youtube: salinasporto Skype: internautaargentina Mobi
: +54 9 223 5 215819 "I hope we can be disobedient, every time
we receive orders that humiliate our conscience or violate our sentid
or common "Eduardo Galeano

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