[lac-discuss-en] Some thoughts and questions regarding Venezuela Harold arches Internauta

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 Subject: Some thoughts and questions regarding Venezuela Harold arches Internauta 
 From: devtee at gmail.com

 Since the call with the candidates yesterday, I am still puzzled that a 
 person, Harold arches Internauta Venezuela than ever learned in 
 LACRALO At-Large or until the end of July 2015, has not attended a 
 F2F meeting of ICANN, not meet the requirements of ALAC it is serious 
 It is considered as a candidate to represent LACRALO ALAC level 
 represent the interests of Internet users in Latin America and 

 ALAC requirements as its RP, as Jacqueline published in the 

 mentions the following

 "D) Demonstrated capacity for thoughtful group decision-making and 
 good judgment, and a history of working to build consensus with 
 diverse set of interests working together on policy issues 

 e) The effective capacity chairing meetings and providing leadership and 
 support teams or committees. 

 g) In accordance with the recent recommendations of the review of the ALAC 
 adopted by the ICANN Board, ALAC should have 
 proficiency in spoken and written English for the committee work so 
 ALAC effective and allow Members to engage effectively in the environment 
 General ICANN. " 

 As a newcomer to At-Large, Harold can not talk to these 
 requirements. In yesterday's call, Harold mentioned in the call 
 You can spend 5 hours a month to ALAC and this is the lack of time according 
 with ALAC requirements document that requires a minimum of 20 hours per month, 
 excluding hours F2F ICANN meeting.Moreover, a candidate must 
 to add an additional average of 10 hours per month for GT as At-Large 
 It indicated in the requirements document ALAC. 

 I can not blame Harold for not knowing this because it is a newcomer, 
 but this lack of knowledge and experience goes against what being 
 Harold ALAC member and need more time to learn more about and 
 participate in At-Large. 

 Some other questions that come out of yesterday's call: 

 - The representative of Venezuela Internauta is Sergio Bronstein. It is Harold 
 Arcos ELA representative Internauta Venezuela? If so, when 
 this change occurred? 

 Best regards, 

 Dev Anand 

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