[lac-discuss-en] Next steps for the election of the LACRALO Secretariat 2011

Dev Anand Teelucksingh admin at ttcsweb.org
Fri Mar 25 16:46:27 UTC 2011

Dear All,

The deadline for nominations for the LACRALO President and Secretariat
positions was Thursday March 24 2011.

Only one nomination for the LACRALO President was received:

* Andrés Piazza from AGEIA DENSI for another term

Andrés Piazza from AGEIA DENSI is re-elected as president of LACRALO
for a one year term from April 15, 2011 according to our
LACRALO Operating Principles and Rules of Procedure:

Two nominations for the LACRALO Secretariat were received:

* The current secretariat, Dev Anand Teelucksingh from Trinidad and
Tobago Computer Society (TTCS)
* Antonio Medina Gómez from Asociación Colombiana de Usuarios de Internet (ACUI)

The online vote to elect the LACRALO Secretariat will begin on Monday
28 March 2011 for a period of ten days until April 7 2011.
Each ALS in LACRALO will be emailed specific instructions and a
website to go to submit their vote on Monday 28 March 2011.

At the end of the voting period, the votes are tallied as per rule
12.9 of the RoP (each vote is weighted with a country coefficient),
and the results of the vote, including the votes cast and by which
voter are presented to all of LACRALO, as per rule 20 governing rule

ALS representatives can email any questions to the list or via the
election page at

Kind Regards

Dev Anand Teelucksingh
LACRALO Secretariat

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