[EURO-Discuss] Regional advice on Euralo Individuals Association

Christopher Wilkinson cw at christopherwilkinson.eu
Sun Jul 21 14:48:00 UTC 2013

Dear Wolf, Dear Colleagues:

Thankyou for this proposal. You may recall that I supported this concept in a recent conference call.

My only question concerns the title. This should be the "Euralo Individuals Association".

The link with ICANN should be made clear and maintained. "Euro" could in due course become a source of confusion:

-	"Euro" refers to a comprehensive, pan-European concept. c.f. EuroDIG. The scope is not limited to ICANN in any way.

-	"Euro" also refers specifically to the currency (€) which is obviously inappropriate in the ICANN context.

Consequently, I would strongly advise to amend the name of this ALS to "Euralo Individuals Association".

Best regards

Christopher Wilkinson

PS:	In due course one might correct the title of this discussion list which also contains the above anomaly.

On 21 Jul 2013, at 14:55, Wolf Ludwig <wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net> wrote:

> Dear all,
> as you may recall, EURALO amended its Bylaws in spring 2011 to allow better involvement and participation of individual members in our region. To provide a voting right in a balanced manner to existing ALSes, we asked them to create their own home ALS to accommodate individuals from all over the region. After an arduous path At-Large Staff finally received an application from the Euro-Individuals to become a regular At-Large structure and the application was undergoing the usual DD procedure. The contact points of this ALS are Roberto Gaetano with residence in Austria / Vienna and Veronica Cretu from Moldavia.
> Attached please find the DD form – please note that the DD form could contain sensitive information. Please read the form carefully before sending it off to third parties.
> As EURALO was asked for its regional advice on the applicant, I would like to ask you for your comments and consideration. If no objections are raised on this list until Saturday, 27 July midnight (CEST), the regional advice to ALAC will be positive and to certify this new member ALS.
> Thanks for your support and
> kind regards,
> Wolf
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