[EURO-Discuss] Removal of Cross-Ownership restrictions

Christopher Wilkinson cw at christopherwilkinson.eu
Tue May 10 08:30:34 UTC 2011

Good morning:

Regarding the following public comment question, I would like to know  
what EURALO and ALAC's final position was?

Public Comment: Proposed ICANN Process for Handling Requests for  
Removal of Cross-Ownership Restrictions for Existing gTLDs
Existing registry operators assert that they need their current  
restrictions on cross-ownership to be removed in order to be able to  
compete on a level-playing field with registrars that are planning to  
apply to operate new gTLDs. Commencing a public comment period on the  
process at this time is intended to solicit community input so the  
Board may consider the process on 20 June 2011 along with the new gTLD  
Applicant Guidebook.
2 May 2011

I do not agree with the removal of cross-ownership restrictions as  
proposed, for the reasons which I set out in some detail in my  
comments last August:


Before making further public comments, I would be grateful for some  
feedback from At Large and the Staff as to how we got from there to  



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