[EURO-Discuss] Draft agenda and planning for EURALOC-s 1stGeneral Assembly in Paris

Roberto Gaetano roberto at icann.org
Tue Apr 29 16:48:00 EDT 2008


> I don't want to bore anybody with certain repetitions but 
> this Board was/is a new group with a majority of people not 
> even knowing each other and far more heterogeneous than other 
> comparable groups (old hands and newbies, backgrounds, 
> cultures etc.) Therefore you cannot just prescribe or impose 
> a dynamic and working method which is not considered as 
> "enabling, encouraging and useful" by the majority of this 
> group. What sounds quite pragmatic turned out to be wishful thinking.

You know better than me the current reality of ALAC. I just gave you my
opinion, which is likely to be a perception that others share from the
outside. Then, the decision on what to do is only ALAC's. And we all will
respect it.

> (...) 
> I agree again, as a European I consider privacy concerns as 
> among the most relevant. But let me be frank: if I could find 
> a sponsor to invest more of my time and capacities into this 
> work - without being obliged to earn some money in between 
> with my professional activities - I would just do it. For the 
> time being, it takes already a considerable portion of my 
> "free time" to follow some organisational necessities. It's 
> the contrast again between the wishful and the necessary or 
> nice-to-have and musts ;-).

I understand this. I am a volounteer as well.

> >In summary, I would see a great value in EURALO discussing policy 
> >matters, and although a f2f meeting could help, maybe the best thing
>  >is to start now, in order to get the maximum benefit when 
> people will 
> >meet in person in Paris. But it would be a big mistake to 
> wait another 
> >two months for the f2f meeting in order to start discussing 
> >substantive issues.
> I don't consider this as a recommendation directed personally 
> to me only but to all of us and would appreciate the same.

Absolutely, it is a recommendation directed to all of us. Even the Board has
sometimes the temptation to postpone substantial issues and discuss
organizational matters. Again, it might be just my own taste/preference, but
since that's my feeling, I communicate it.

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