[EURO-Discuss] Regional advice on France at Large application needed

Nick Ashton-Hart Nick.Ashton-Hart at icann.org
Tue Apr 29 00:54:27 EDT 2008

Dear All:

The france at large application was not discussed in New Delhi actually; applications are not immediately discussed as that short-circuits the application evaluation process. I refer you to the document provided on the email to which you replied.

As to the content of the due dilligence document, and the questions related to it, I refer you again to the ALS Application Evaluation process in the document previously attached.

As to the speed of the application process, that is also covered in the referenced document. Your application is not being handled in any extraordinary way process-wise. It is not overdue for decision either.

On 28/04/2008 18:31, "JFC Morfin" <jefsey at jefsey.com> wrote:

Dear Nick,
thank you for you first real mail on the matter.

At 02:47 29/04/2008, Nick Ashton-Hart wrote:
>Dear All:
>In respect of the points below a few clarifications:
>1. The France at large application was received on 13th February 2008,
>during the ICANN international meeting.

So, it was probably immediately dicussed since everyone was there.

>As a result of the hectic nature of being at an ICANN meeting the
>application was not acknowledged until the 28th February, which is 8
>days longer than it should have taken. We apologised to M Morfin in
>that email for the delay and explained the nature of the delay.


>2. The due dilligence form was actually completed by several members
>of the ICANN staff - the first version was done by M Minisci, the
>Regional Liaison for Europe. The regional liaison for each region
>always fills out the due dilligence form in the first instance as
>they are most likely to know of new applicant organisations.

ICANN archives can help.

>Because of the fact that Massimiliano is quite new, and there were
>still a number of open questions, I then performed additional due
>dilligence. The later due dilligence form you will find has
>additional information and elaboration in various respects.

Please indicate what this document changes, when it was approved, in
what way france at large does not comply with it.

>3. Frederic did ask to speak to those persons that the application
>identified as being other leaders in france at large. M Morfin was
>unwilling to allow this unless he could attend each such call in person.

I was surprised when Frederic asked me the permission to call them
(why to ask about them if it is not to call them). I even sent them a
mail, copied to Frederic, to introduce Frederic and explain them he
was very very new and how to best help him.

>It may be worthwhile for everyone to know that this application has
>required about 10 times the amount of due dilligence as is the norm
>for ALS applications.

We are interested to understand why?
Our application is online for everyone to see :

>The due dilligence process was performed as required by the ALS
>Application Evaluation Guidelines, attached hereto in order for it
>to be easily found.
>The applicant is due to receive a decision on the application not
>later than 7 May 2008. From my understanding of the intent of ALAC
>to vote imminently on this application this deadline should be reached.

The first question of Frederic's first short phone call was to know
what I though went wrong to explain the delay. Since this mail raises
no additional question, I am to consider that the reason for the
delay (a very slow, obscure, and odd process) is elsewhere.

The question is where this elsewhere is.



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