[EURO-Discuss] Regional advice on France at Large application needed

Nick Ashton-Hart Nick.Ashton-Hart at icann.org
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Dear All:

In respect of the points below a few clarifications:

1. The France at large application was received on 13th February 2008, during the ICANN international meeting.
As a result of the hectic nature of being at an ICANN meeting the application was not acknowledged until the 28th February, which is 8 days longer than it should have taken. We apologised to M Morfin in that email for the delay and explained the nature of the delay.

2. The due dilligence form was actually completed by several members of the ICANN staff - the first version was done by M Minisci, the Regional Liaison for Europe. The regional liaison for each region always fills out the due dilligence form in the first instance as they are most likely to know of new applicant organisations.

Because of the fact that Massimiliano is quite new, and there were still a number of open questions, I then performed additional due dilligence. The later due dilligence form you will find has additional information and elaboration in various respects.

3. Frederic did ask to speak to those persons that the application identified as being other leaders in france at large. M Morfin was unwilling to allow this unless he could attend each such call in person.

It may be worthwhile for everyone to know that this application has required about 10 times the amount of due dilligence as is the norm for ALS applications. The due dilligence process was performed as required by the ALS Application Evaluation Guidelines, attached hereto in order for it to be easily found.

The applicant is due to receive a decision on the application not later than 7 May 2008. From my understanding of the intent of ALAC to vote imminently on this application this deadline should be reached.

On 28/04/2008 12:20, "JFC Morfin" <jefsey at jefsey.com> wrote:


I sent the "application". It was not acknowledged. Ten days later on
I sent a mail back. And I was told that application was received. I
noted several times that I had no news. Nick mailed me he would send
a mail. But bever did. Then eventually Frederic called not being
interested in knowing me nor our history and organisation but why we
had no budget, and having an urgent call. Then he called for a longer
time, but this nice fellow is still young in the organisation. Then
he wanted to call our execom people. But never did. Someone told him
ICANN was the e-UN of the future.

Then I see today a form completed by Massimiliano. Who ever
Massimiliano is, I do not know him (so many new people in ICANN). The
very first thing he should have done would be to forward the document
to me, so we could discuss all its errors. You may also realise that
as the eldest @large incorporated organisation, and as a pioneer of
the Internet myself, I find this rather ...., ...., and hurting.

Now, I have a question. Is ALAC real?
What do you want me to do to answer the questions you never raised ?
Fly to Australia.

PS. You right, I explained Frederic that this will only be a case for
Brother Fowley. BTW if some wants to be sure we exist, we can come a
"few" of us at the Paris meeting, but then you have to select a
larger room. For the time being I do not copy this on the mailing
list not to upset our Members. But I said that I needed an answer
under 3 months since I applied, because I told them in February we would.

At 20:07 28/04/2008, Vittorio Bertola wrote:

>Wolf Ludwig ha scritto:
> >> In any case, in the application that was circulated to the EURALO
> >> list on March 5 I really see no grounds for rejection. If there are
> >> other documents, please forward them to the list.
> >
> > Attached please find the DD form dated March 27 which was the basis
> > of our discussions and considerations of the given case.
>Ok, so we have an interesting case in which the staff's due diligence
>claims things that are opposite to what the applicant says. From this
>due diligence form I see one fundamental question: are the 17 members
>real and active, or not? (since, according to the due diligence, there
>is no membership list and no mailing list, and the Web page seems to
>have been created just recently)
>I see also a point about the secretariat being the only managing entity,
>but that's normal as long as the secretariat is elective (acting like a
>Board). It's not normal if the secretariat is not elected by the
>members. So what's the case?
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