[EURO-Discuss] Regional advice on France at Large application needed

Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu
Mon Apr 28 09:38:31 EDT 2008

Wolf Ludwig ha scritto:
> To my knowledge there are two versions of the application DD form: 1-
> the one dated March 10, 08 and sent the very day by Matthias and 2-
> the one dated March 27, 08 and sent on 4.04.08 by Matthias and I am
> referring to the indications in the later one.

Unfortunately, the only one that was circulated to the EURALO list (or 
to me in any form) is the one sent on March 5. If there is a newer one, 
then we should at least get it before we are given two days to comment 
upon it :-)

>> (...) Can you explain me how and by whom this application was
>> discussed, to come to the recommendation above?
> The application was verified and discussed by several board and ALAC
> members (Jeanette, Annette, Veronica and myself) besides the staff
> repeatedly

And who decided that ALS applications are to be discussed privately and 
only by a subset of the EURALO Board, rather than by all EURALO Board 

>> (...) but I have known Jefsey Morfin - the France at Large leader -
>> for >years, and even if he often has very controversial opinions,
>> he exists and >he has been participating to the At Large since the
>> year 2000, which is >more than can be said of several accredited
>> ALSes. There should be a clear >reason to reject this application,
>> not just "we're not sure"
> I stated several reasons in my previous mail which are shared by all
> those 7 people (mentioned above) who checked the DD form, Website
> etc. repeatedly.

I see four people in your list above... well, never mind.

>> Nothing has happened for two months, so why all this hurry now?
> If you haven’t realised anything for two months this does not
> necessarily mean that “nothing has happened” – I find your
> conclusions rather offensive BTW – and it perfectly fits to Juergen
> Habermas’ remarks about the “context of interest and perception”!

I am a EURALO Board member and this ALS application was never put up for 
discussion in two months. I would expect that the Board takes decisions 
on regional advice, not a self-appointed subgroup of people. In the 
absence of Board discussion, nothing has happened.

In any case, in the application that was circulated to the EURALO list 
on March 5 I really see no grounds for rejection. If there are other 
documents, please forward them to the list.

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