[EURO-Discuss] 32nd International Public ICANN Meeting in Paris - 22-26 June 2008

Frederic Teboul frederic.teboul at icann.org
Thu Apr 24 07:50:45 EDT 2008

Dear Wolf,

Thank you for your message and thanks to the ALSes who have already answered to me.

Indeed, if the "authorized representative" of an ALS and/or an ALS candidate cannot attend the 32nd International Public ICANN Meeting in Paris - 22-26 June 2008, the ALS can always nominate an alternate representative. However and as a reminder, we need to know it BEFORE Monday 28th of April 2008, along with his/her full contact information (Address, Work Telephone, Home Telephone, Fax and Mobile).

Furthermore, any ALSes candidates (such as APTI, France at Large, etc...) will be welcome to attend the ICANN Meeting in Paris, regardless of whether or not their respective ALS application they have made is approved or not. As we are all aware, the EURALO and other At-Large meetings are open sessions. Therefore, any ALSes candidates would also be able to attend those, of course, regardless of the application decision. Please note that anyone who has not done so should register themselves at the Paris registration page (http://par.icann.org/) in order to ensure that their entry to the meeting is as quick and trouble-free as possible.

I thank you once again for your collaboration, and I am waiting for an answer to my previous message BEFORE Monday 28th of April 2008.

With my best regards,


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On 24/04/08 12:57, "Wolf Ludwig" <wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net> wrote:

Dear Frederic,

I have a question regarding EURALO/ALS representation in Paris?

Frederic Teboul wrote Wed, 23 Apr 2008 17:25:
>As you are certainly aware, ONLY the authorized representatives will get travel support. However, if one person from an ALS is already getting travel support by virtue of being an ALAC or Secretariat member, then that's the only ALS representative from that ALS that gets to receive travel support (otherwise some ALSes would get two representatives and some would get only one).

But what about if

Thanks and regards,

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