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First of all congratulations to all elected. We went through a complicated process but at the end of the day we have been sucessful to to build a structure and to elect a leadership for our EURALO and to give legitimacy to our two reps in the ALAC.
Looking at the results I am also happy that at the end of the day the principle of geographical and cultural diversity is reflected in the final outcome. I am also satisfied that we have a good balance of different institutions in the EURALO Board. This gives us a great opportunity to move now from the discussion of procedural issues to issues of substance. I am sure that this discussion will produce much more unity than we had in the procedural debate.  
I would also invite Patrick, even if he was not elected, to give his energy and knowledge to the EURALO process. There is no need to have a position to give input to the process. And the at large community lives to a high degree from individual contributions. 
Next step would be the drafting of a workplan. I would also encourage a discussion on a strategy paper with some mid-term goals and milestones. As you have seen there are two European ICANN meeting scheduled now fro 2008 and 2009. This should be seen as a challenge for EURALO not only to show the face but to bring fresh ideas and actions to the ICANN process.  
Hope we have some time in San Juan to discuss the next concrete steps.
Best wishes


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Dear All: 

I'm pleased to report the results of the 2007 EURALO Elections.


2-year Term: CRETU, Veronica
1-year Term: BACHOLLET, Sebastian


Number of Seats Chosen: All Candidates (from a selection by ballot of 5, 7, 9, or all candidates)

Members Elected (in order of election, taking into account Bylaw requirement of nationality diversity with respect to first 5 seats)

HOFMANN, Jeannette
BERTOLA, Vittorio 
BRUCH, Christophe
BANKS, Karen

Whilst Sebastian Bachollet and Veronica Cretu were also candidates for board seats, the elections process agreed on was that those elected to ALAC seats would not also occupy board seats, though they would be able to attend board meetings.

For those who wish to review the details of the election, and to ensure independent verification of the results published, the voting system provides a URL as follows: 


The procedures related to the election can be found at:  


Since one-half of the EURALO board was to be elected every year, as per the Bylaws for the region adopted in Lisbon, it was submitted for consideration by the ICANN staff that the top 1/2 (rounded to the nearest whole number) would serve a 2-year term, and the bottom 1/2 a 1-year term. Given the number of members of the board, that procedure would not resolve whether the top 4, or 5, would be serving 2-years. Perhaps the region will allow the board, in its first meeting, to decide this question.

On behalf of the staff of ICANN may I extend extend our congratulations to the newly-elected officers and wish them the best in their new roles. I look forward to working with them all.


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