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Veronica Cretu VeronicaC at diplomacy.edu
Mon May 21 13:44:53 EDT 2007

Dear All!
Warm greetings from Moldova! 
Let me take my turn and congradulate both Sebastian for the ALAC Commette and all the new Euralo Board members! I think it is great news to start this week with:)!
I would also want to express my thanks for Annette Muehlberg and Wolfgang Kleiwaechter for nominating me as all as for all voters who have supported my candidature. 
I am happy that I will be able to represent the views of the European Internet users at the ALAC Commette Level, especially of the users from the region I come from - Eastern Europe and the NIS! Please feel opened to contact me on any ideas/questions/inquires/projects/initiatves that implies these regions in the first place. I would be more than happy to collaborate on this ...  

Let me wish you all much luck, success and a productive time in the new position! 

Have a great week!

Veronica Cretu,
"CMB" Training Center
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
phone: (373 22) 27 45 04, 079569876
email: VeronicaC at diplomacy.edu
Skype: veronicacretu 

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  Dear All,

  I would like to congratulate all the new Euralo Board members and Veronica for the Alac Committee.


  I would like to thank Desi for nominating me and all the voters for my election.


  I will try to do my best to have the European end users view expressed at the Alac Committee level.


  I hope that we will be able to work together for the good of Internet, end users and ICANN.


  Thanks and all the best


  S?bastien Bachollet


  sebastien.bachollet at isoc.fr





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  Objet : [EURO-ALS] At-Large EURALO 2007 Election Results


  Dear All:


  I'm pleased to report the results of the 2007 EURALO Elections.




  2-year Term: CRETU, Veronica

  1-year Term: BACHOLLET, Sebastian




  Number of Seats Chosen: All Candidates (from a selection by ballot of 5, 7, 9, or all candidates)


  Members Elected (in order of election, taking into account Bylaw requirement of nationality diversity with respect to first 5 seats)


  HOFMANN, Jeannette

  LUDWIG, Wolf

  BERTOLA, Vittorio

  DE QUITO, Paco


  BRUCH, Christophe

  BANKS, Karen

  DRAKE, Bill



  Whilst Sebastian Bachollet and Veronica Cretu were also candidates for board seats, the elections process agreed on was that those elected to ALAC seats would not also occupy board seats, though they would be able to attend board meetings.


  For those who wish to review the details of the election, and to ensure independent verification of the results published, the voting system provides a URL as follows: 




  The procedures related to the election can be found at:  




  Since one-half of the EURALO board was to be elected every year, as per the Bylaws for the region adopted in Lisbon, it was submitted for consideration by the ICANN staff that the top 1/2 (rounded to the nearest whole number) would serve a 2-year term, and the bottom 1/2 a 1-year term. Given the number of members of the board, that procedure would not resolve whether the top 4, or 5, would be serving 2-years. Perhaps the region will allow the board, in its first meeting, to decide this question.


  On behalf of the staff of ICANN may I extend extend our congratulations to the newly-elected officers and wish them the best in their new roles. I look forward to working with them all.



  Nick Ashton-Hart
  Director, At-Large


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