[EURO-Discuss] Voting procedure for ALAC seats

Dr. Christoph Bruch bruch at humanistische-union.de
Fri May 11 08:11:05 EDT 2007

Dear all,

we are about to take decisions which will have a strong influence not only
on the way internet user from Europe are represented within ALAC but also in
what atmosphere we will continue our cooperation.

I got the impression we are dealing with a constituency more or less split
in half on whom to elect for the 2 ALAC seats: one group favouring
Patrick/Sebastian the other group favouring Veronica

Therefore I suggest that we agree on sending Veronica and either Patrick or

That would leave us with two decisions:
- Patrick or Sebastian
- Who Veronica or Patrick/Sebastian should get the 2-year term.

If we can reach the agreement and decide the two remaining questions, we
would either skip the vote or vote in a way to reach the desired result.

This way the rules would not be bent.

Maybe Patrick and Sebastian could negotiate amongst themselves who would
withdraw his candidacy if we reach the agreement described above.


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