[EURO-Discuss] Diversity criteria (was: Legal situation with respect to ALAC candidatures)

Patrick Vande Walle patrick at vande-walle.eu
Thu May 10 02:38:18 EDT 2007

Dear colleagues,

My main concern with the diversity criteria as they are now is their
(lack of) relevance to the work we are doing. Frankly, if diversity
means discrimination against or in favour of candidates based on gender
or origin, this does not smell good to me. We spent the half of the last
century fighting for equal rights for all and this was reflected in many
texts on human rights, be it the European convention or the Universal
declaration. I don't find useful to reproduce our ancestors mistakes. 

Rather, since our work is related to IP address and DNS resource
allocation, maybe we should use criteria based on the number of
allocated IPv4 addresses, or the number of gTLD and ccTLD domains per
capita. I guess these statistics would make the landscape look quite
different, but at the same time maybe more representative of the
Internet context in each country.
Further, and this is a fundamental question: do the elected people need
to reflect the view of the majority within the group, or do we have to
have to have a system with protected minorities ?

Some statistics your may find useful:

gTLDs per country: http://www.webhosting.info/registries/country_stats/
ccTLD stats:
Raw RIPE IP address delegation data:

I am willing to spend some time trying to extract useful data from the
above, if anyone finds it useful. If not, I'd rather find other ways to
spend my time.


Stefan Hügel wrote:
> I fully agree that we should go for diversity - more, I'd like to
> stress it. In my opinion, the candidature of Veronica Cretu does not
> contradict diversity, but enhances it, as she represents groups not
> represented by the other candidate for ALAC. The more formal aspect of
> ALS-membership seems a less important point to me in this case. 
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