[EURO-Discuss] Claryfying some concerns

Veronica Cretu VeronicaC at diplomacy.edu
Fri May 4 03:30:56 EDT 2007

Dear All!

Greetings from Moldova!

Let me quickly share my comments vis-a-vis the whole process and my involvement in it.

First of all, I have been following all the discussions with great attention, and I would just want to reply to the questions raised here, within the group, related to my presence and my candidature . 

1) No, I am not shy at all:), it is that I could not raise up my voice more than introducing myself, because the discussions focused more on procedural aspects rather than on conceptual matters. 

And I am just so new to the list, and not in the position to express myself vis-a-vis the aspects/rules/procedures that are already in place and that should be respected. But I would be more than happy to provide any views on conceptual ICANN/Internet users/gTLDs/IG, etc. related matters/issues.         

2) Yes, I am very confident in using English: it is part of my every day life.

3)  I perfectly understand that it is hard to make a decision when it comes to a person we don't know: I would have had the same doubts/I would have needed more information, details, facts, etc/ - and this is a normal phenomena - it's part our human nature! Still, I want to thank very much both Annette and Wolfgang for their recommendation and for proposing my candidature. 

During the 2 ALAC outreach meetings I attended (Prague and Athens last year) I have shared with both of them my interest in helping getting internet end users - especially of developing countries - involved in ICANN decision making processes, in strengthening civil society in Eastern Europe and considering civil liberties in setting up IT-infrastructure, promoting multilingualism and cultural diversity on the Internet and support competition in Domain market. And there are several facts that can help me accomplish all these: good reputation in Moldova among various stakeholders (International Community, Diplomatic Community, Ministry of Education, National NGOs, LPA, etc.) as the NGO I run has been implementing a series of social projects in Moldova; a 3 years of good collaboration with DiploFoundation, Malta; and now, the most recent experience of the NGO I run ("CMB" Training Center) is being member of the Global Knowledge Partnership - since July 2006. In this context, I would just want to share an example of the program I will coordinate starting with end of May: "Young Leaders for Community Development through Internet Governance", supported by GKP.      

4) In spite of all these, I think that the other current candidates are much more qualified and have much more experience in the field and I am sure that the final decision would be based on these important aspects.      


I thank you all very much for your time and I am sorry for causing/provoking so many procedural type discussions! 


Good luck everyone,



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