[EURO-Discuss] Claryfying some concerns

Patrick Vande Walle patrick at vande-walle.eu
Fri May 4 06:52:20 EDT 2007

Veronica Cretu wrote:
> And I am just so new to the list, and not in the position to express
> myself vis-à-vis the aspects/rules/procedures that are already in
> place and that should be respected.
Dear Veronica,

I am glad to hear from you. I am also glad to see you agree that rules
in place should be respected. I am relieved that, thanks to you, we
finally reach a consensus on the procedural aspects.
> I thank you all very much for your time and I am sorry for
> causing/provoking so many procedural type discussions!  
You do not need to be sorry. Obviously, the upcoming board will need to
suggest clarifications to the bylaws and/or MoU to address the grey
areas in the texts. These are teething problems, as is the case in any
new organization.

Please understand my comments over those last days were not a personal
attack against you, and I do apologize if they might have hurted you. I
am convinced you will be able to provide great input and ideas to the
Euralo. My main concern is to get the Euralo in a credible position with
our ALAC and ICANN partners.

I am looking forward meeting you soon.
Kind regards,

Patrick Vande Walle
Check my blog at http://patrick.vande-walle.eu

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