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>From the email replies sent to the list, this time and date were the
best - more people could do this time and date than any of the others
- which is why we set it that way.

If nobody else will propose an agenda, what I would suggest as a draft is:

1) Discuss and agree the list of candidates - including whether or not
to include candidates who were proposed after the deadline.

2) Discuss and agree the total number of board seats for this election cycle.

3) Discuss and agree the length of the voting, the start date, and the
provisional list of voters and the number of days for ALSes not on the
call to provide their authorised voter.

We would then bring the results of these items back to the list, not
for review, but as decisions.

I will put this up on the Wiki as the *DRAFT* agenda which all ALSes
may then edit or extend - so we have something to start from.

On 03/05/07, Annette Muehlberg <annette.muehlberg at web.de> wrote:
> All,
> concerning the tel conf tomorrow: Many people said they cannot take part (myself offered a different time, one and a half hours earlier). Rudi and myself asked what it is about, as no one proposed an agenda yet. I proposed to discuss all issues online. I guess, the best is, that those who actually have the chance in taking part come up with a proposal for procedure which will be presented to all of us online.
> best
> annette
> Rudi Vansnick schrieb:
> > This fits for me ... if at least we will have a clear agenda and no
> > discussions about what is NOT written/signed in MoU and Bylaws.
> >
> > Rudi Vansnick
> > Chair ISOC Belgium
> >
> >
> >


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