[EURO-Discuss] Nominations update IV

Dequinto dequinto at pique-aa.com
Thu May 3 04:52:10 EDT 2007

Dear all,

I would like to thanky Andres for his help about my nomination. I confirm it
and I send again my presentation.

Best Regards,

Francisco de Quinto


 Paco de Quinto candidature for EURID's Board


I am a lawyer and a economist, and since 1999 my speciality is legal
consultancy on new technologies.

My contact with ICANN goes back to 2001. I have been member of ISOC-CAT's
Board during 2004-2005, period in which I directly assisted with the legal
incorporation of ISOC-ECC in Barcelona. 

Later on, I kept collaborating with the subsequent ISOC-CAT boards on legal
and accounting issues.

I am a selected arbitrator of the DotCAT Foundation to solve conflicts in
the adjudication of ".cat" domain names.

Professionally, I have had the chance to successfully take part in several
domain names recovery proceedings within the framework of the ICANN Unified
Conflicts Solutions Policy.

I am preparing a PhD thesis in new technology law about "digital identity
management" in the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), and I am
actually participating in several 7th framework European research programs.

I think my legal and accounting experience could be very useful to
consolidate the "birth" of EURALO, assisting with the drafting of legal
agreements, the establishment of voting procedures, and, if this is finally
the case, with the legal incorporation of the entity. Moreover, my knowledge
on the legal aspects of the domain name system could be very useful for
EURALO in its given task of protecting and defending the rights of the
European Internet users. 

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